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5 Best Diabetes-Healing Supplements

Sometimes you can’t find all the food as medicines your body needs. A few key supplements can help. Just remember that these pills and capsules should supplement a healing diet, not replace it. The following 5 supplements are my top picks for healing and preventing diabetes. Read more >

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Senators Propose Commission to Fight Diabetes

Two U.S. Senators have proposed that the federal government get more involved in overseeing how to handle the diabetes epidemic.
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‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Shed Pounds and Meds

Changing their diet and sticking with rigorous exercise helped diabetic and prediabetic contestants on “The Biggest Loser” get off of their medications in just weeks, according to a medical advisor for the TV show. A study of the show’s contestants … Read more >

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White Rice Ups Risk of Diabetes — But Why Now?

White rice has joined the list of other processed “white” foods that can increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, researchers have found.   This starchy food is a dietary staple for more than half of the world, but … Read more >

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Low-GI Diet Best for Diabetes

I’ve argued for years that high-fat diets do not cause heart disease (a concern for all, but a special worry for diabetics and pre-diabetics), despite the claims of the American Diabetes and the American Heart Associations (ADA, AHA), and mainstream medicine. Recently, two major studies have officially refuted this long-held, wrong-headed belief. Read more >

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How Type 2 Diabetes Happens — And How To Reverse It

Normally we can ignore the furious biological activity under our skin keeping us healthy and alive. But when it goes awry, understanding it can help us heal ourselves. Read this “in-a-nut-shell” overview of how Type 2 diabetes arises – and how you can reverse it. Read more >

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Which Is Worse: Obesity Or Diabetes?

Scientists looking for a link between obesity and a higher chance of dying earlier found it – and it wasn’t where they thought it would be. The extra pounds alone didn’t increase mortality, which is the opposite of what doctors and scientists have claimed for years. Read more >

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