Now It’s Easier Than Ever
to Reverse Your Diabetes In 2013!

We’ve just made it easier than ever for you to conquer diabetes and return to a normal, drug-free life...

... by harnessing the awesome power of video to educate, motivate and inspire you to reach your goal just like Deborah A. and the people you just viewed in the above video did. Take a look…

"I did it! Normal blood sugar at last!"

Dear Jim and Dr. Ripich,

OMG! My blood sugar is normal after being in the 500’s -- and I feel great!

I’ve lost 32 lbs ... and I know I’ll lose more. This is the first time I’ve ever stuck with it.

My doctor even hugged me and asked about the book. He wants to get in the hands of a couple of his patients.

Thank you for giving me back my life!

Every day Dr. Ripich and I receive scores of letters and emails like this from people who have gotten completely OFF their diabetes drugs and medications by following The 30-Day Diabetes Plan plan.

Are you one of the successful ones yet?

Since I haven’t received a letter announcing your success with The 30-Day Diabetes Plan, I’m wondering: How are you progressing?

If you haven’t freed yourself from Type 2 diabetes and those drugs yet, I think I know why.

Our research shows that many people who haven’t succeeded yet simply aren’t sticking with the plan.

They’re either too busy ... not focused ... or need a little extra personal help to make it to the finish line.

Could you use a little extra motivation and help?

That’s exactly why we developed The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program."

How can watching a video help reverse Type 2 diabetes? Simple…

Ask any Olympic Gold Medalist ... super-successful executive ... or movie star: "How did you get so good at what you do?"

They’ll all say: "I decided to get the very best coach I could!"

You see, having a coach is a huge advantage because...

  • He’s able to show you what works and what doesn’t -- from real experience. This saves you time... frustration... and unnecessary trial-and-error.
  • He can help you avoid the obstacles -- or rebound quickly when you slip up.
  • And he’s able to keep you inspired when the going gets tough.

And when it comes to conquering diabetes...

You won’t find a better coach than Dr. Stefan Ripich

He knows what it takes to win.

In fact, no one has successfully coached more Type 2 diabetics back to a healthy, normal life than Dr. Ripich. Take a look at just a few of his "winners"...

"My diabetes is GONE!"

The 30-Day Diabetes Plan

Now you can make Dr. Ripich your Personal Diabetes Coach!

We created The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coach" Program so you can have Dr. Ripich as your personal guide through every single day of the entire diabetes-reversing plan.

Each of these three DVDs guides you through Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 of his proven plan.

At the push of a button, Dr. Ripich is there to guide you ... motivate you ... cheer you on... and help you stick with it until your diabetes is ABSOLUTELY GONE.

And let’s face it: Sticking with it is what separates the winners from the losers.

That’s why we developed the "Video Coach Program" because...

Video makes learning faster and easier!

Researchers have discovered that people only remember 10% of what they read...

Yet they retain more than 50% of what they hear and see. That’s an incredible 500% better retention and action from video and audio!

So, through the power of video, Dr. Ripich is able to help you stick with the program just the way he motivates his diabetes patients. You’ll be...

  • Inspired every single day to keep reaching for your goal
  • Encouraged to stick with it -- even if the going gets tough
  • Guided through the most common obstacles so they don’t stall your progress

And with his Diabetes "Video Coach" DVD Program, you can return to any day of The 30-Day Diabetes Plan plan for added clarification and encouragement. You’ll never feel stuck again!

"You watch. You learn. You change. You get better."

That’s the amazing secret of how The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coach Program" works.

It’s your secret edge -- and an incredible bargain! -- because it would cost a small fortune to have Dr. Ripich available at your beck-and-call for 30 days.

You’d easily spend $2,000 or more as a patient of Dr. Ripich (even with health insurance!) for this diabetes-reverse guidance.

And most personal training DVD programs like this normally sell for $299 or higher!

But you won’t pay anything near that!

As a small, independent publisher, we choose NOT to sell through bookstores and retail centers (that’s because distributors, Amazon, and retail stores can double the price of a product like this). So we’re able to bring you this Diabetes "Video Coach" DVD Set at a rock-bottom price!

And when you consider how much money you’ll save by doing away with those expensive test strips ... glucose monitors ... drugs ... and visits to the lab and your doctor -- The 30-Day Diabetes Plan Video Coach Program will quickly pay for itself.

But knowing what to do is only half the battle

You see, knowledge isn’t everything.

It’s the actual doing that produces success.

Just imagine if you were bitten by a deadly snake ... and you had the life-saving antidote in your First Aid Kit.

Merely having the antidote would be worthless unless you actually swallowed it!

That’s why you need information AND inspiration to conquer diabetes.

So we created The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coach Program" to make it easy to stick with the plan and ultimately succeed.

And now we’re going to give you even more help...

YOUR FREE BONUS GIFT: Our "Audio Coach" 3-CD Set

Sometimes watching a video isn’t convenient. Like when you’re...

Driving in your car ... out for a stroll ... on a break at work ... working out at the gym ... shopping at the market ... or sitting in the waiting room for your doctor’s appointment.

Hey, we know you’re busy!

In fact, your busy schedule is one of the biggest obstacles to conquering your blood sugar problems.

So now, Dr. Ripich’s inspirational coaching and motivation also can be as near as your car’s CD player or your iPod, too.

These audio programs make it super-convenient for you to stick with the The 30-Day Diabetes Plan.

Believe me, you really need this extra support and encouragement because...

You’re bombarded with 1,500 advertising messages every day promoting fast food ... junk foods ... processed foods ... and sweet treats.

And this is a major reason why diabetes has become a serious health epidemic.

You’re only human, after all!

All those ads really do affect you, no matter how hard you try to resist them.

You see, advertisers understand the profound "power of suggestion." They use repetition to manipulate your behavior.

So we’re stealing a page from their playbook with the Diabetes "Audio Coach" CDs.

Scientific studies prove that if you keep feeding your mind positive messages that reinforce your desire to become healthier, you’ll eventually succeed.

And that’s exactly what these "Audio Coach" CDs help you to do.

All the personal guidance you need to BEAT diabetes!

By owning The 30-Day Diabetes Plan book ... the "Video Coach" DVD Set ... and the "Audio Coach" CDs -- you’ll be able to stick with the program regardless of any obstacle, until you’ve conquered diabetes and kicked it out of your life for good.

We’ll GUARANTEE your success and satisfaction!

Here’s my personal 100% promise to you...

By following The 30-Day Diabetes Plan plan, you must significantly improve your diabetes symptoms -- or completely reverse them! -- or we’ll promptly refund the full price of The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" with no delay and no questions asked!

Just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your credit card and send you a confirmation email.

I’m not afraid to make this 100% Money-Back Guarantee because The 30-Day Diabetes Plan has never failed. Never.

Sample it all NOW without any risk!

I could go on and on describing the diabetes-conquering tips and secrets in The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" -- and how you can benefit from them beginning on Day One of the plan.

But this letter is already quite long. And if you’ve read this far, you’re obviously a little curious about Dr. Ripich’s unique Video/Audio Personal Coaching Program and the success it produces.

But how can you be sure it’s right for you?

The easiest way is to give it a no-risk try.

Let me send you The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video/Audio Coaching Program" to sample completely at my risk. You’ll receive...

  • The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coach" 3-DVD Set
  • The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Audio Coach" 3-CD Set as your FREE BONUS GIFT

And remember my 100% Money-Back Guarantee: You and your doctor must be thoroughly impressed by how your condition has improved -- or completely reversed! --or you can return everything in any condition and I’ll refund the full price of The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program."

This is an unconditional refund. You can return The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video/Audio Coaching Program" for any reason whatsoever -- for as long as you own the set -- and we’ll refund the full purchase price. No hassles. No questions asked.

More than anything, Dr. Ripich and I want you to succeed!

Please don’t doubt it for a moment: You can kick diabetes OUT of your life for good ... get OFF your medications ... and start living a NORMAL, drug-free life again.

Tons of scientific studies prove it!

And we’re receiving plenty of letters and emails every single day from joyous ex-diabetics who are living proof.

Now we’re waiting for your letter.

So if you’re ready to...

  • GET OFF your Type 2 diabetes medications
  • STOP taking those drugs for cholesterol ... high blood pressure... kidney dysfunction ... and other diabetes-related complications
  • SLASH your insulin dose dramatically
  • QUIT sticking your fingers and monitoring your blood sugar like a hawk
  • END feeling bad about your weight and forcing yourself to diet
  • SAY NO to the "exercise police" and their constant nagging
  • CHUCK those bland, boring and super-restrictive "diabetes meals" and start eating real food again
  • NEVER fear those miserable, life-shortening complications of diabetes ever again...

All the help you need is just a "click" away!

This is truly a "super deal!"

You won’t find anything like it bookstores or Amazon -- or anywhere else! -- because it’s only available online from us.

But we’re not sure how much longer we can keep the price this low. So I urge you to snap it up now while you still can.

The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program"
puts your destiny is in your own hands!

The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" will help you awaken and activate the amazing healing power of your human body so you can return to a normal, drug-free life.

Drugs are not the path to healing. (You’ve probably already realize this.)

Your best chance for true healing and a long, healthy life (and perhaps your only chance) is to heal yourself with the non-drug strategy that’s been proven to reverse diabetes and eliminate it from your life.

The only question is: "Will you take advantage of it now?"

Incredibly, the easy changes outlined in The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" won’t be "worth the effort" for the majority of people who read this.

They’d rather wait for a "silver bullet" medical cure that will never come...

Or keep pretending that diabetes drugs will save them...

Or tell themselves the miserable side effects they’re suffering are "no big deal."

Either they don’t believe the tons of well-published medical research that proves Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by following The 30-Day Diabetes Plan plan...

Or else they just aren’t willing to lift a finger to save their own life.

What a shame!

The fun these people are missing and the misery they’ll endure later (both unnecessarily) are draining the joy out of this wonderful life.

But that’s not you, right?

I didn’t think so.

Don’t let diabetes or today’s ill-conceived drug treatments destroy the quality of your life for another moment.

Send for a no-risk trial of The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" and your FREE BONUS GIFT of Dr. Ripich’s "Audio Coach" 3-CD Set right now ... and begin healing your diabetes the safe, sure, drug-free way!

Jim Healthy

P.S. YOUR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t experience a dramatic improvement in your diabetes at the end of Dr. Ripich’s 30-Day Plan, just return The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video and Audio Coaching Program" in any condition and I’ll issue an immediate FULL-PRICE REFUND to your credit card -- along with a confirmation e-mail proving it.

That’s a FULL PRICE guarantee!

Start healing your diabetes right away! Send for this absolutely risk-free opportunity to try the most effective diabetes-reversal program on earth.

Send for your No-Risk Trial copy of The 30-Day Diabetes Plan "Video Coaching Program" right now!

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