The 30-Day Diabetes Cure Step-By-Step System.

The only day-by-day and step-by-step “action plan” that guides you in reversing Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes so you can get off your medications and enjoy a long, healthy, drug-free life. Read More About The 30-Day Diabetes Cure System >  

The Diabetes Healing Cookbook.

More than 60 original recipes combining the top Diabetes Healing Superfoods in delicious “meals that heal”™.  Read More About The Diabetes Healing Cookbook >  

Diabetes Healing Superfoods.

Profiles and research documentation that describe how the top 12 Diabetes Superfoods improve your blood sugar and help reverse Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.  Read More About Diabetes Healing Superfoods >  

The 30-Day Diabetes Cure Video Coaching Program.

Daily inspirational tips from Dr. Stefan Ripich that motivate you to stick with The 30-Day Diabetes Cure Step-By-Step System until your Type 2 diabetes is reversed.  Read More About The Video Coaching Program >  


The non-bitter, all-natural sweetener made from zero-calorie stevia and 100% pure fruit sugar that won’t spike your blood sugar. “It’s better, not bitter!” Read More About Slimtevia >            

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