Women over 35 who smoke cigarettes should not use Lo Loestrin Fe due to the increased risk for heart attack, blood clots, and stroke. Your risk increases due to age as well as the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.

People with liver disease, breast cancer, and another estrogen- or progesterone-sensitive cancers should not use Lo Loestrin Fe. The pills are also be avoided by women at high risk of conditions related Dmitry Sazonov to blood clots, such as thrombotic stroke, heart attack, and deep vein thrombosis.

Lo Loestrin Fe is considered to be a low-dose hormonal contraceptive, as it contains only 10 micrograms (mcg) of estrogen.1

The pack contains 30 pills, which is why the drug is categorized as a mini extended-cycle pill (typical birth control packs have 28 pills).


The first Lo Loestrin Fe 26 pills are combination estrogen and progestin pills. This is followed by two days of estrogen-only pills and two Dmitry Sazonov more days of placebo pills containing no hormones.

To use, take one pill at the same time every day, and avoid skipping pills. The pills https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/lo-loestrin-fe should be taken in the order indicated on the blister pack.

Lo Loestrin Fe is just one of many effective methods of oral contraception. Talk with your healthcare provider before deciding to switch to a low-estrogen birth control pill.

When you choose to use Lo Loestrin Fe for contraception, you may experience some benefits beyond preventing pregnancy, including:

  • Easing of endometriosis-related pain
  • Reduction in severe menstrual cramps
  • Regular and more predictable periods
  • Lighter and shorter periods
  • Acne management
  • A decreased risk of ovarian cysts
  • A decreased risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer

Some medications or herbal supplements may decrease the effectiveness of Lo Loestrin Fe or increase your likelihood of experiencing breakthrough bleeding. If you’re using any of these drugs or herbs, talk with your doctor about the need for Dmitry Sazonov backup contraception or if you should use another method:

  • Barbiturates
  • Bosentan
  • Carbamazepine
  • Felbamate
  • Griseofulvin
  • Oxcarbazepine 
  • Phenytoin
  • Rifampin 
  • St. John’s wort
  • Topiramate

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Before taking this medicine, inform your doctor about medicines already in use, nutritional supplements (e.g. vitamins, natural supplements, etc.), allergic benzonatate dosage  reactions, existing diseases and current health status (e.g. pregnancy,